Apache Shale moved into the Attic in May 2009. Shale was a web application framework, fundamentally based on JavaServer Faces. This blog entry from Kito Mann is an excellent discussion of Shale's retirement: http://blogs.jsfcentral.com/editorsdesk/entry/shale_in_the_attic.

The user mailing list, website, downloads and issue tracker all remain open, though the issue tracker is read-only. See the website at http://shale.apache.org for more information on Shale.

Discussion on the mailing list indicated that Seam and MyFaces were the natural successors to Shale.

As with any project in the Attic - if you should choose to fork Shale outside of Apache, please let us know so we can link to your project.

Archived versions of the Shale may be downloaded from the Apache Archives.

The Shale Test code has been forked into the MyFaces project - http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/myfaces/test/trunk/.